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Absence/Sick Line





24 Hour Absence Line:  949-388-5106
Verifying Your Child’s Absence
Regular attendance plays an important role in student achievement, so it is our desire that students attend classes regularly and have a successful year. It is imperative for each family to maintain regular communication with the attendance office staff.
ABSENCES:  Please call the attendance line at (949) 388-5106 or email the same day as the absence or within 72 hours. When calling the message line, please speak slowly, and provide the following information:
  • The date(s) of the absence
  • The person calling (name and relationship to the student)
  • Your child’s full name
The reason for the absence must be clearly stated:
  • Illness
  • Medical appointment
  • Funeral
  • Court Date
  • Religious Event
  • Personal Business: any absence not listed above. For example, non-medical appointments, vacations, oversleeping, etc.  
An automated phone message is sent out daily for unverified absences.  Parents will receive a phone message and an email as a reminder to clear their child’s absence.  
Please call 949-388-5106 to verify the reason for your child’s absence or reply to the email message.
Absences not verified after 72 hours become truancies.