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Attendance Basics

General Attendance Information


Shorecliffs Absence Line is  949-388-5106.

Attendance is taken electronically each class period.  When it is necessary for your child to arrive at school after the beginning of 1st period please be sure your child checks in at the attendance windows.  If your child goes directly to class their absence for any periods missed will not be verified and an automated absence call will be made at the end of the day.
If you receive an automated call that your child missed any period(s) during the day, please call the attendance line to report the reason.
ABSENCE ERRORS: If your child was at school and was marked absent in error, please have them report it to their teacher.  Their teacher will notify the attendance office. The attendance office cannot change period absences without teacher verification.
Whole day absences:  When a student is going to be absent the entire day, please call the 24 hour All-Day Absence Line or e-mail the Attendance Office staff on the date of the absence.  The absence line is 949-388-5106.  Unverified absences become truanices after 72 hours.
INDEPENDENT STUDY: Students who will be away from school for a minimum of 5 days up to a maximum of 10 days, may be able to receive class work and remain up-to-date.  To request an ISC, please notify the school 3 weeks prior OR AT LEAST TEN SCHOOL DAYS PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF ABSENCE   so that the request can be reviewed.       
Please refer to the Independent Study page. 
Arriving Late:  Any student who arrives late to school must check in to the attendance office either with a parent or a written note from their parent to get a pass to enter class.  For appointments a note from the provider is also acceptable.
Leaving School Early:  Students who are leaving school early can bring a written note from their parent/guardian to the front office before school or during break.  Student will be given a Special Excuse Pass to give to their teacher.  The special excuse pass allows your child to meet you in the office at a designated time to be formally signed out of school by a parent/guardian or emergency contact.
LEAVING SCHOOL DUE TO ILLNESS:  If your child becomes ill during the school day they should ask their teacher for a pass to the health office.  If your child texts or calls you please instruct them to see the nurse.   
All students must be signed out in the office; students cannot leave campus alone.